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We have some fantastic news for you if you’re considering moving to van life but worry about giving up good coffee. You were making coffee while traveling is just as simple and doable as at home. Okay, so you can’t just push a button on a $20 appliance and go, but there are some incredible campervan coffee makers available.

Coffee drinkers no longer have to sacrifice quality coffee while traveling, thanks to the abundance of compact and portable options. There is a campervan coffee maker for every lifestyle, whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a no-nonsense fan. Therefore, grab a mug and check out these top coffee makers for caravan living.

Is It Possible To Use A Coffee Maker In A Caravan?

check out these top coffee makers for caravan living.
check out these top coffee makers for caravan living.

Quick response: Yes. Long answer: Yes, conventional drip coffee makers can serve as portable RV coffee makers, but they need power and storage. They aren’t as helpful as mobile coffee makers, which are light and small for traveling. So even though a caravan can accommodate a drip coffee maker, there are better options.

Best Coffee Makers for Caravan

Thanks to the fantastic coffee makers, preparing coffee while traveling is surprisingly simple. Avoid instant coffee by researching the best camper coffee maker for you instead.

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker
Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

For campers who won’t settle for subpar coffee, Wacaco produces some of the best coffee makers.

The espresso is extracted by pressing a button to create pressure. Pumping is effortless with Nanopresso’s unique pumping system, which can reach 18 bars.

Pour boiling water into the basket, fill it with finely ground coffee, tamp it down, and pump. It brews directly over your coffee mug and makes a delicious cup of van life coffee wherever you are.

The Nanopresso is highly portable because it is only 6″/15 cm long and extremely light. Additionally, electricity is not required since only hot water, and coffee grounds are needed.

It makes a great cup of coffee and is simple to clean. It’s a top coffee maker for camping because it is simple and portable.


  • Compact and incredibly lightweight, ideal for portability
  • produces coffee of a higher quality than other coffee makers.
  • Requires no electricity

French Press from Cafe du Chateau

We have all seen those large, clunky coffee makers that are functional but awkward to pack for a trip. Therefore, a French Press-style coffee maker might be the best for a caravan if space conservation is important to you. It’s also reasonably practical.

The water is heated in a pot, poured over the coffee or tea grounds, and filled with the canister. The brewing effect is produced by pressing the handle downward at that point.

Because all that is required to heat water in this option is a pot, it’s also an excellent option for people who don’t use electricity. You can get 8 cups of coffee out without plugging anything in.

A French Press also has the advantage of not requiring a filter. You reduce waste by not having a filter to discard after use and never worrying about running out.

Nespresso Essenza Plus Machine by De’Longhi

Nespresso pods come in various designs and flavors and are compatible with this machine
Nespresso pods come in various designs and flavors and are compatible with this machine

It is an espresso maker similar to those found in home kitchens, complete with a water reservoir. This makes it simple to push a button, drop in a pod, and have a fantastic cup of coffee ready in no time.

Since these espresso machines need electricity (1260 watts), solar-powered construction is the best option. Another benefit is that it has a particular hot water option for tea and coffee drinkers. Since the water boiler boils water much more quickly than a stove, we have also used it for cooking.

Nespresso pods come in various designs and flavors and are compatible with this machine. It is simple to make coffee for friends according to their preferences because it is a single-serve coffee maker. Additionally, it notifies you when to descale so you can ensure that each cup of coffee is made to order.

Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup

This model is the best coffee maker for RVs for those who depend on K-Cups and want to conserve space while traveling. This model is made to store easily and is sized to dispense coffee directly into a travel mug.

While K-Cups, which can be somewhat expensive, can be used, this coffee maker is also compatible with Keurig’s reusable filter, giving you a choice to use your coffee grounds. This coffee maker needs AC power to function.

Here’s a short review video for Keurig K Mini Plus:

Keurig K Mini Plus Review and Demo

Pour-over coffee maker Hario V60

The most straightforward method of making coffee is a pour-over. The Hario V60 is a thin, plastic “coffee dripper” or funnel that rests atop your mug. It extracts coffee similarly to drip coffee makers, unlike other pressure-based coffee makers on this list. The coffee drips into your cup after being poured over in a filter-lined funnel with water.

You can make a pour-over coffee as straightforward or as complicated as you like. Although unnecessary, many people use scales and thermometers to create the ideal cup. You can make a hot, freshly made cup anywhere with the Hario V60. There is space for a pour and a jet boil in any backpack, even if your camping trip takes you to the summit of a mountain!

Hario produces high-quality coffee makers for homes, RVs, and vans. They shine with softer and livelier roasts and are incredibly portable. A pour-over is the best coffee machine for campers who want a simple, mobile brewing method.

Small, light, and incredibly portable
Brews only one cup at a time.
Simple to use and doesn’t need electricityIt needs single-use paper filters
very reasonable quality, however, is difficult and time-consuming if you’re trying to make the ideal cup.
pros and cons

Jojo Portable Coffee Tea Brewing Straw

Nothing beats this brewing straw when it comes to space-saving design. This espresso machine is a straw. The end of this stainless steel straw features a single-serve filter. It instantly delivers all of the mouthwatering and robust flavors of French-press coffee. Additionally, tea can be brewed using it.

This zero-waste technique eliminates coffee pods and wasteful paper filters. With a silicone tip, it also functions as a straw that won’t burn your lips or stain your teeth.

Gourmia Single-Serve Manual French Press

Many single coffee drinkers use and adore this coffee maker. You can take it anywhere because it doesn’t require electricity, making it convenient. Additionally, a cup of coffee is brewed in 30 seconds.

Accept that you can only make one serving at a time, up to three cups. It also uses K-cups, which I can understand if only some people like it. Those refillable K-cups are usable.

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What To Think About When Buying a Caravan Coffee Maker

There is a campervan coffee maker for every lifestyle
There is a campervan coffee maker for every lifestyle

Energy Draw

You can run any home coffee maker in your van using solar or shore power electricity. But you might be surprised by how much power a fancy espresso maker uses if your battery capacity is limited, choose a non-electric coffee maker.


Some camping coffee makers are designed for single-cup brewing, depending on how much coffee you drink at once. Making coffee can become time-consuming if you like to drink it in multiple cups or if you have a large household. Examine whether a camp coffee maker with a larger capacity might be more appropriate.

Final Thoughts

  • A good cup of coffee can mean a lot to different people.
  • Fortunately, there is a camper coffee maker for every budget available at a wide range of prices.
  • Coffee Brewing is Simple. The best coffee maker for camping should be fine without a barista to use it. Select a coffee maker with a brewing method that fits your way of life.
  • Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is a top coffee maker for camping because it is simple and portable.

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