Best Coffee Machines For Macchiato (Top Picks)

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My top picks for the best coffee machines for Macchiato are Ninja CM401, the Nespresso coffee maker, and the 6 in 1 coffee maker. These machines are the absolute best and can provide you with cafe-style Macchiato in the luxury of your home.

You can make more than one type of coffee at home by selecting a versatile macchiato coffee maker from the available options.

I wanted to gather the most popular coffee machines in this category for a satisfying macchiato experience.

Let’s get into the details!

The Origin Of Macchiato

Macchiato was created in Italy in the eighties when some baristas wanted to distinguish between an espresso and an espresso with a shot of milk.

It has a base of espresso and is stained with a spot of foamed milk on the top. It’s 90% coffee and 10% milk.

How Do You Make A Macchiato?

Macchiato has a base of espresso, you can ask for one, two, or three-shot of espresso according to your preferences. After that, a spot of foamed milk is added to the top of the espresso base.

It gives off a dark, bold, and strong flavor of coffee for the ones looking for something strong and light.

It is usually served in 2 ounces or 3-ounce ceramic cups.

Here’s a quick video on how to make a perfect Macchiato:

How to make a Caffe Macchiato?

Does A Macchiato Need A Special Coffee Maker?

A cup of Macchiato sitting on top of coffee beans
Macchiato can be made at home from a special coffee maker

Yes. Macchiato needs a special coffee maker to give you the perfect flavor of that coffee that you’re craving.

There are several companies manufacturing Macchiato coffee machines for you to have the best experience at your home.

Models of Macchiato coffee makers allow you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at home. Many well-known coffee machine manufacturers also make macchiato-specific models.

With the macchiato coffee maker models, you can also achieve coffee flavors that you won’t find even in high-end cafes.

Best Coffee Machines For A Macchiato

A series of coffees in multi color cups
You probably need a special coffee maker if you’re a fan of coffee

All of the models in the macchiato machine for the home category are guaranteed to produce a tasty macchiato at home.

Macchiato machines for home models enable you to make soft espressos at home. Macchiato is a drink that almost everyone who enjoys coffee enjoys.

Macchiato can also be thought of as espresso with little milk and foam. The majority of coffee machines with milk frother models provide the enjoyment of a macchiato at home.

Macchiato can also be enjoyed in coffee machines that include a milk frother. I wanted to put together a list of the best quality macchiato coffee maker models that you might find useful and enjoy macchiato from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the most preferred macchiato coffee maker models in recent years:

Gevi Espresso Machines 20 Bar

  • Extraction can be quick and stable with a 20 bar high-pressure pump. enhances the fragrance and richness of the crema in espresso.
  • Thermoblock Advanced 1350W big power fast heating system can continue to make espresso or froth milk. Water is dispensed directly from the pipe, ensuring freshwater. In 45 seconds, you can make a good cup of coffee.
  • With two separate thermostats, you can control the temperature of espresso extraction and milk foam separately, ensuring that the taste of coffee and milk foam is optimal.
  • There are three functions to choose from: manual control of the amount of coffee by yourself, automatic control of the amount of coffee by itself, and automatic control of the amount of coffee by itself. 1 shot-brew approximately 30ml of coffee 2 Shots—Brew about 60ml of coffee.
  • With the right steam pressure, a manual steam wand can produce rich creamy froth and latte art. 360 It’s Easier to use a rotating stainless steel frothing wand.

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

  • Simply insert any K-Cup Pod and use the button controls to brew delicious coffee or make hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Macchiatos: Brew coffee with any K-Cup Pod, or make delicious lattes and cappuccinos with any K-Cup Pod.
  • In a single step, your coffee maker heats and then brews. There’s no need to wait for it to heat up before choosing your cup size.
  • Keurig K-Cafe Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino Maker, as well as a dishwasher safe frother, are included in the box.

The 6 in 1 Coffee Maker

  • Beverage Customization: A smorgasbord of delicious coffee drinks is at your fingertips with just a touch of a button making coffeehouse-style drinks at home has never been easier.
  • 6 In 1 Coffee Maker: This versatile coffee maker incorporates several functional, useful, and convenient features. There are six drink options – coffees, teas, milk foam, lattes, and cappuccinos – that will provide you with the ultimate taste sensation.
  • This single-serve coffee brewer features an easy-to-use top panel for one-touch operation. Simply turn on the machine, insert a capsule, ground coffee, or tea leaves, and press the desired button.
  • The Dishwasher-Safe milk frother can make sweet, velvety steamed milk foam, perfect for crafting specialty drinks like Lattes And Cappuccinos.

Coffee Maker With Milk Frother

  • The Sincreative Coffee Maker comes with a milk frother that makes all of your favorite coffees and other beverages at home. Enjoy a Latte, Macchiato, or a Traditional Drip Coffee. Soothe yourself with a fragrant tea or indulge in hot chocolate. This stylish, compact, and versatile coffee maker with a K cup combo can do everything! Ideal for the home or as a birthday present.
  • The electric milk frother for milk foam or chocolate has 2 blenders (1 For Hot Chocolate/Hot Milk, 1 For Milk Froth) to prepare the milk foam as you want: Warm Or Cold, Dense Or Airy. *Hint: This Cappuccino And Latte Maker with milk frother only works with coffee without crema pods.
  • Your favorite brew is ready in just 3 minutes in the comfort of your own home with the single-serve coffee maker. Get a head start on your day and stay ahead of the competition!

Ninja CFP301 Dual Brew Coffee Maker

  • Grounds And Pods Coffee System With 9 Grounds Brew Sizes (Small Cup, Cup, Xl Cup, Travel Mug, Xl Travel Mug, Carafe, Carafe, Carafe, Carafe, Or Full Carafe) And 4 Traditional Pod Brew Sizes (6, 8, 10, Or 12 Oz.).
  • Dualbrew Pro Coffee System, Ninja Pod Adapter, 12-Cup Glass Carafe, Fold-Away Frother, Paper Filter Kit, and 60-Oz. Removable water reservoir with separate hot water dispenser and ninja smart scoop
  • Built-In, Fold-Away Frother: creates silky-smooth froth from hot or cold milk/milk alternative. Removeable for simple cleaning.
  • You can brew coffee with rich concentration which can make delicious Lattes, Macchiatos, Cappuccinos, And Other Coffeehouse-Style Drinks.
  • Choose Classic, Rich, Over Ice, or Specialty for your coffee grounds or pods.

Ninja CM401 10-cup Coffee Maker

  • The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, 50-Oz (10-Cup) Glass Carafe, Fold-Away Frother, Permanent Filter, 40-Oz.
  • You can brew Coffee of good concentration that can be used to make delicious Lattes, Macchiatos, Cappuccinos, And Other Coffeehouse-Style Drinks.
  • Choose One Of Four Versatile Brew Styles: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Or Specialty Brew.
  • Built-In, Fold-Away Frother: Creates silky-smooth froth from hot or cold milk/milk alternative. It is also removable for simple cleaning.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker With Milk Frother

  • This Coffee Maker With Milk Frother can make warm dense milk foam, warm airy milk foam, cold milk foam, and warm milk, among other things. At home or in the office, you can make your favorite cappuccinos, coffee, macchiatos, lattes, hot chocolate, and milk foam.
  • Cuisinstar Coffee Machine can be used With Ground Coffee Or K Cup Capsules. Only K Cup Coffee can be used to fill the K Cup Filter. There is no need to be concerned about the coffee brewer’s single function.
  • The single-serve K cup coffee maker provides a truly delicious coffee experience.

Seven & Me Coffee Maker Machine 2 in 1

  • With a single click, the Seven Coffee Maker will brew coffee and foam milk at the same time. Simply choose a desired mode from the touchscreen and enjoy a cafe-style beverage in under 3 minutes.
  • It’s never been easier to make authentic Italian Espresso. Brewing time, pressure, and heating are all automatically controlled by a smart control system. It only takes a push of a button to make a delicious espresso shot while doing something else.
  • The Seven & Me Coffee Maker Is A Dual Espresso maker and milk frother that is designed to provide you with unrivaled convenience, versatility, and exquisite taste. With a single touch of a button, you can brew barista-quality coffee and froth milk effortlessly.
  • Choose from a variety of classic coffee beverages Like Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, And Espresso, Or Get Creative And Show Off Your New Barista Skills!
  • An Automatic Milk Frothing Design allows you to effortlessly froth your milk and enjoy a variety of Milk-Based Beverages.
  • The Barista-Standard 60-Degree precise Temperature Control ensures that the natural sweetness of milk is brought out while it is perfectly frothed. The High-speed magnet frothing technology at 5000 RPM produces silky smooth milk foam. Every. Time. Is. Stress-Free.

LITIFO Single Serve Coffee Maker

  • This Personal Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker will provide you with the fresh, pure taste you need to get your day started. Hot enough to have hot coffee with cream on top.
  • Litifo Coffee Brewer Creates all of your favorite High-Quality coffee beverages right in your kitchen, using both ground coffee and capsules.
  • Multiple milk frothers can produce warm dense milk foam, warm airy milk foam, cold milk foam, and warm milk, among other things, giving you a variety of options In 3 minutes, you can make your favorite cappuccinos, coffee, macchiatos, lattes, and hot chocolate.

Nespresso Lattissima Touch Original Espresso

  • 6 One-Touch Recipes: Easy one-touch button for coffee and milk lovers to make a creamy latte, latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Warm Milk, Perfect Espresso, Or Coffee.
  • A sliding drip tray for different cup or glass sizes, a removable milk container with a rinsing function, and illuminated buttons make this a practical design. 1400 watts of input power.
  • Delonghi Advanced Milk Frother: Rich, long-lasting, creamy foam is produced by an automatic frother.
  • Components Included: Single Serve Espresso Machine Lattissima Touch.

Is Macchiato Healthy?

A glass of macchiato

Well if you want to enjoy coffee but you have to stay on a strict calorie diet, then you can prefer Macchiato as healthy.

Macchiato is a strong coffee drink with bold flavors because of espresso and just a spot of milk.

You can refer to the following table to have a look at the nutritional content of Macchiato:

NutrientsValue per 2 ounces of Macchiato
Caffeineabout 85mg
Total Carbohydrate1.6g
Vitamin D0.2mcg
The nutritional content of 2oz. of Macchiato

According to this table, Macchiato is low in calories and has minerals like potassium and calcium in it.

It also only has about 85 mg of caffeine which is much less than the typical daily individual intake that the FDA recommends i.e: 400 mg

So in my opinion, Macchiato is healthy until and unless it’s consumed in moderation.


In short, there are about 10 Macchiato maker machines that you can opt-in between. My top picks for the best coffee machines for Macchiato are Ninja CM401, the Nespresso coffee maker, and the 6 in 1 coffee maker.

Each machine has its own set of characteristics, you can choose which one goes with your likes and needs.

With this, I hope this article was useful to you, see you soon.

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