Best Coffee Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot (Top Picks)

If you appreciate coffee, you’ve probably experienced the following scenario: you prepare a perfect brew, cup it, sit and relax to enjoy it fully, and it turns cold before you can even finish it!

The cause is usually your cup, tumbler, or thermos that isn’t good at retaining heat, which ruins your coffee drinking experience.

Fortunately, there are lots of high-quality mugs on the market that are specifically designed to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature.

The best coffee mugs to keep your coffee hot are mugs made out of stainless steel or vacuum insulated tumblers like Thermos Tumblers. A vacuum-insulated tumbler can keep your coffee hot for around 6-12 hours.

This post will go over the best coffee mugs for keeping coffee hot all day, as well as a few tips to help you keep your coffee hot longer.

What type of mugs keep coffee the hottest?

Mugs in different shapes, colors and sizes displayed in a mug shelf.

Mugs made with stainless steel are the best when it comes to keeping coffee hottest for the longest period, and battery-powered heater coffee mugs can be the next-best choice. 

The following table shows the best types of mugs that keep your coffee hottest.

Coffee Mug TypeKeeps Coffee Hot For:
Vacuum Insulated Tumblers6 – 12 hours
Phase Change Material (PCM) Vacuum Insulated Mugs4-6 hours
Battery Powered Heated Coffee Mugs3-10 hours
Best Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot

Vacuum insulated tumblers 

Stainless steel is used for both the inner and exterior walls of vacuum insulated mugs. There is a gap between the two walls that keeps the air trapped, keeping your coffee hot all day.

These mugs are pretty good at keeping your coffee hot for 12 hours or more.

Most Popular Brand: Thermos Tumblers 

If you are looking for insulated mugs, the ones made by Thermos are the best option. 

They effectively keep coffee hot for the longest possible time. The tumblers contain an airtight, leak-proof lid that doesn’t let the heat escape.

These tumblers can hold 10 – 30 oz of liquid. They’re priced at $15 and above depending on the size of the tumbler.

Another reputable brand to consider when looking for stainless steel insulated tumblers is Yeti. They too keep your coffee hot for more than 12 hours and can hold up to 30 oz. The price range is $20 and above.

Battery-powered heated coffee mugs 

Battery-powered coffee mugs keep coffee warm for up to 10 hours.

Simply pour your coffee into the cup and set the temperature, and the mug will function for as long as the battery lasts. You can also keep it plugged in if you want it to function longer.

Cauldryn Travel Mug is undoubtedly the best battery-heated coffee mug. 

It has a battery life of 10 hours and a storage capacity of 16 oz. It’s smart enough to keep your coffee at its ideal temperature or can heat it to boiling temperature.

Cauldryn is also the first battery-powered mug capable of boiling water for your coffee. It has a hefty price of $149.99 and that includes its heating base and battery.

Phase change material vacuum insulated tumblers 

This cup has a phase change material coating that’s waxy solid at room temperature. It quickly absorbs heat and then melts.

As a result, the temperature of your coffee will be adjusted to the ideal drinking warmth.

The best aspect is that when the liquid phase changes, the material combined with the outer vacuum insulating layer effectively maintains the temperature of your coffee for a longer duration.

The Burnout Travel Mug is the only brand of this kind of mug on the market. It has a price of $69.99 and up depending on the size of the mug.

Other important factors that help your coffee maintain its temperature longer are:

  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • More volume

Get a mug with the best insulation capability from the options given above. Furthermore, more coffee in a mug will stay hot longer than one or two little cups.

Choosing mugs with an airtight lid ensures that no heat escapes.

Can ceramic mugs keep coffee hot longer?

A ceramic mug can only keep coffee hot for about 20 minutes. That’s why a vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug is preferable because it keeps coffee hot for up to 12 hours!

Despite the fact that ceramic is said to be more porous, conduction occurs at a slower rate, making it inefficient at keeping coffee hot for a longer period.

If you want to keep your coffee warm all day, a vacuum-insulated steel cup is an ideal option.

There are also double-walled ceramic mugs and these mugs are effective at insulating your drink for more than 20 minutes.

What mug material will keep a hot drink warm the longest?

As I mentioned a while ago, mugs made of stainless steel are the best in keeping your hot drinks warm the longest. 

Apart from that, stoneware mugs are also a good option as they keep coffee hot longer than porcelain and china mugs. Stoneware is thicker than porcelain. 

Other ways to keep your coffee warm all day

If you like to take a drink in between tasks or need your coffee with you on the go, keeping it hot all day may be a good option for you.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your coffee warm all day:

Use a thermal mug 

The vacuum mug’s insulated walls keep coffee warm all day. Invest in a high-quality, no-spill, and easy to open thermal mug to keep your coffee hot when you’re on the road.

If you work from home and want your coffee to stay warm and ready to sip during work breaks, choose a simple lid design with a comfortable handle to carry it from the kitchen to your desk area.

Preheat your thermos 

A thermos can keep your coffee warm for up to an hour, but if you preheat it before filling it with coffee, it will stay warm for twice as long.

To preheat your thermos, fill it with 2 cups of boiling water, close the lid snugly, and leave it for 5 minutes. When you’re done making your coffee, empty the thermos flask, fill it with your coffee and enjoy hot all day.

Wrap coffee mug in a koozie

If keeping your coffee hot all day is a necessity, but you don’t want to use a thermos, invest in a well-insulated fabric to wrap around your coffee pot or mug.

There are numerous attractive designs to pick from- ranging from neoprene slings to venti patterns. These can also help to extend the life of your coffee throughout the day.

Invest in an immersion heater

If you’re searching for a low-cost option, consider an immersion heater, which can be purchased for just a little over $10.

You’ll need to put a wand-style heater into your coffee and then plug it in. In just a few minutes, it can transform a chilly beverage into a hot one.

Digital cup heater

When you’re always on the go with your coffee but frequently get stuck in traffic, a digital cup heater might be a useful tool. Simply plug it into your car’s USB charger and it will keep your coffee warm for hours.

It comes in a variety of sizes that are designed to suit standard take-out cups. This device also has a non-slip base and has a secure lid making it spill-proof.

Try out a mini hot plate

Mini plates are made specifically for hot beverages and are very simple to use. They have temperature settings that you can alter to your liking.

Because a mini hot plate is small in size, it will not take up much space on your kitchen counter or work desk.

Final Thoughts

Three mugs in different sizes, shapes and colors hanging on a kitchen hook.

The major factors that affect the temperature of your coffee are the thickness of your mug or container, the material it’s made of, and how much coffee you have in it.

As proven in this post, a stainless steel vacuum-insulated tumbler does the best job of keeping your coffee heated for up to 12 hours or more. It’s perfect for people on the go because it has an easy-to- open and spill-proof lid.

There are also other options available to keep your coffee, tea, or any warm beverage at the optimum temperature like battery-powered heated mugs or phase change material vacuum insulated tumblers.

When you’re working at home or in the office, you can also microwave your mug to heat your coffee. But if you don’t want to heat it in the microwave, you can invest in an immersion heater or a koozie to keep the liquid in your container warm longer.

Also, if you enjoy traveling with your cup of coffee, you can watch the video below to learn about the best 5 travel mugs you can purchase to keep your favorite beverage piping hot wherever you go.


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