Can You Put Coffee In Baileys? (Let’s Look)

A cup if coffee with cofffe beans in its surroundings

During the holiday season, serving Baileys with coffee, an exceptional combo is a must. It is considered a popular drink during the holiday season.

You can mix Baileys with coffee to have that sweet acidic more enhanced flavor.

But you might be stomped up with questions such as Does it goes with coffee? Do they curdle when mixed? How much Bailey is enough with coffee?

For this, don’t you worry, as I have got your back! Here I will be telling you more about Baileys and Coffee combo, so why don’t you keep reading.

What Is Baileys?

Bailey Irish Cream is an alcoholic liqueur made with Irish Whiskey, cream, and cocoa. It is manufactured in the heart of Ireland.

It was invented in 1973, and its trademark is owned by Diageo. It is relatively low on alcohol have a 17% alcohol by volume.

Bailey Irish Cream tastes sweet and milky, with vanilla and chocolate notes and the fruitiness of whiskey.

Is Mixing Baileys With Coffee Good?

A decorated table with coffee on top
Baileys with coffee is not a bad idea tho

Baileys complements coffee well. It’s a fantastic combination that tastes great. On a holiday night, a hot cup of coffee topped with bailey sounds ideal.

You can experiment with the drink by sprinkling a splash of homemade cream on top to make it a creamier cocktail.

Mixing Bailey with coffee is good as long as you consume it in moderation. Because it contains a lot of fat from sugar and cream, it’s not the best drink to drink every day. If you’re watching your weight, drinking too much Bailey’s Irish Cream can be harmful.

In the morning, you can have coffee with Bailey. Baileys is ideal at all times of the day and year but with the holiday season around, it is an exception.

Does Baileys Curdle In Coffee?

Depending on the type of coffee and the amount used, Bailey can curdle in coffee. Coffee is an acidic beverage, and any amount of acid will curdle the cream.

Adding Baileys to coffee is a great way to spice it up. Citric acid is found in juices and sodas, and it destroys Baileys and produces a dull drink. Citric acid can be found in a variety of juices, even those devoid of citrus flavors.

The sensitivity to curdling increases as the temperature of the mixture rises. As a result, the lactic acid content of the cream increases as it ages. Surprisingly, the likelihood of curdling increases if your cream is fresh.

How Do You Stop Bailey From Curdling In Coffee?

curdled pieces
You can stop the curdling by adding baking soda

If the coffee is too acidic, the baileys may curdle as soon as it comes into contact with it. It’s elementary chemistry.

To keep baileys from curdling, mix it with non-curdling mixers like coffee or hot chocolate.

By adding a pinch of baking soda, you can prevent curdling. This step has little effect on the taste, but it does affect the pH balance of the coffee. In theory, this will reduce the possibility of the Baileys curdling.

The baking soda must be added before the Baileys. Baking soda will not uncurdle the Baileys. It only serves as a deterrent. Make a new drink if you’ve already added the Baileys.

Also, avoid combining cream liqueurs with strong coffee. The majority of coffee brands do not taste bitter, but they are high in phosphoric acids. Low-acid coffee, hot chocolate, and other cream liqueurs make excellent bailey liqueur mixers.

Is Mixing Bailey with Coffee Unhealthy?

While combining alcohol and caffeine is never a good idea, some combinations may be less dangerous than others.

Remember that caffeine can mask the effects of alcohol, causing you to drink more than you normally would.

While you should avoid combining alcohol and caffeine in general, having an Irish coffee now and then isn’t going to hurt you.

Just remember to drink in moderation and to be aware of the potential caffeine content as well as the alcohol content.

Here, take a look at the nutrition that you would be getting from a bailey and coffee drink:

Nutritional ContentNutritional Value
Calories216 calories
Proteins0.3 g
Total Fats0.2 g
Sodium9.1 mg
Potassium108 mg
Sugars22 g
A table containing nutritional values of baileys and coffee combined

What Else Can You Mix With Baileys?

Baileys can be mixed with a variety of beverages to create a simple, creamy drink.

The only rule is to avoid citrus and anything with a high citric acid content, which causes it to curdle. That means no juices or soda.

Aside from that, you can mix Baileys with a variety of other ingredients to create seasonally appropriate drinks. These are the best things to mix with Baileys, ranging from the simple and expected to the unexpected.

  • Hot Chocolate – All warm beverages that nourish your soul seem to benefit from a splash of Bailey’s. Hot cocoa is no exception, especially when topped with a few mini marshmallows. Choose a darker, less sweet hot chocolate and allow the Irish cream to round out the drink. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing wrong with putting Baileys in some stir-and-serve Swiss Miss.
  • Cold Brew – When summer arrives and hot coffee is no longer an option, you’ll be just as content to mix your Baileys into cold brew. Put the bottle in the fridge for a few minutes (if it isn’t already) and then combine it with cold brew and ice. Stronger cold brews, like hot coffee, pair best with Baileys and keep the drink from becoming too sweet.
  • Ice Cream – Don’t be fooled into thinking Baileys is only for mornings. Scoop ice cream into a glass (if you have one of those 1950s ice cream parlor glasses, use it now) and top with a shot or two of Baileys. Almost any standard ice cream flavor will work, as the Baileys simply makes it creamier. Chocolate, strawberry, rocky road, and any type of sherbet are among our ice cream recommendations. The latter will taste like a fruity creamsicle.
  • Tequila – As a nightcap, mix two parts Baileys to one part tequila and serve over ice. Use a reposado tequila because the Baileys brings out the barrel notes in the tequila and bring out some chocolate notes. Before passing judgment, give it a shot for yourself.
  • Guinness – Mixing Baileys into a pint of Guinness is just one ingredient away from the aptly named Irish Car Bomb, and it’s the way to go if you’ve outgrown the days when dropping a shot into a pint glass and chugging sounds like a good time. Stir Baileys into Guinness, or Guinness Extra Stout if you want something a little stronger. Then take a contented sip.
  • Earl Grey Tea – Instead of milk and sugar, make your cup of tea with Baileys, just like you would coffee. As a result, you get a lightly creamy tea with a hint of vanilla flavor.

How Much Bailey Do You Put In A Cup Of Coffee?

It all depends on how much coffee is involved. Of course, the type is important as well.

You should start with a cup of plain, black coffee. Coffee that has already been sweetened and milked can interfere with the taste of the Baileys, so it is often preferable to avoid it.

In general, the ratio is 1:3. Add one ounce of Baileys to every three ounces of coffee.

However, your personal preference is important. It is largely determined by how much Baileys you prefer in your coffee.

I recommend starting with a small amount and gradually increasing the amount as needed. Adding extra Baileys is usually not a problem.

Here’s a small video on how to make a hot Baileys coffee:

How to make the best hot bailey coffee?

What Coffees Can You Mix With Baileys?

Well, any kind of coffee can go with Baileys, there’s no deep thought to it. One thing that you might want to notice is the method that you are using to mix your baileys.

Medium Roast Coffee

Choose medium roast coffee for a lighter drink. A medium roast, with a hint of the origin’s flavor, such as blueberry or chocolate, is one of the most popular types of coffee for baileys.

In the standard pour-over method, use a medium roast to bring out the best flavor in your bailey coffee cup.

Dark Roast Coffee

This is the most traditional method for producing flavorful Bailey coffee.

Dark roast provides deep chocolate notes as well as the desired aroma. The aftertaste is not bitter; in fact, it tastes sweeter with baileys.

Brew your favorite dark roast coffee in your standard coffee maker.


Decaf might be a great option when you want to avoid caffeine and only enjoy the alcohol. A decaf Bailey might sound perfect for an after-dinner drink.


You can mix coffee with Baileys to make the perfect holiday drink! It’s ideal for brunch, work, after dinner, or any other occasion in between.

Avoid drinking too much of this creamy coffee if you have a problem with high blood sugar. An occasional Irish coffee will not harm you, but these types of drinks should be consumed in moderation.

Although it is a holiday drink, you do not have to wait until the holidays to enjoy this creamy treat. Bailey’s coffee is ideal for drinking at any time!

With this, I hope you have found this information for your good.

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