Is an Expensive Coffee Maker Worth It? (Find Out)


If you drink coffee frequently, you have a home coffee maker. Some people don’t mind stopping at a coffee shop en route to work to buy a cup, but true coffee lovers understand the importance of having their first cup as soon as they wake up.

For those who depend on coffee to get them out of bed in the morning, having a coffee maker that consistently produces high-quality coffee is essential. Many affordable coffee makers fulfill this need without breaking the bank.

However, those who are okay with spending more money on their preferred morning ritual can choose from more expensive coffee makers.

After reading this comprehensive guide to purchasing the right coffee maker, you will have all the information you need to choose the one that will work best for your household and your budget.

coffee beans and maker
You can purchase a fantastic coffee maker for your daily brew without taking out a loan or mortgaging your home.

Is It Worth It To Buy A Pricey Coffee Maker?

Coffee makers can cost between $50 for pod/capsule models and $2,000 for high-end bean-to-cup models. You can find some excellent machines for between $200 and $400, though even this is still quite expensive.

The more expensive coffee makers typically cost between $800 and $1000. These are all substantial sums.

Coffee Maker TypeAvg Price Range
Drip$40 – $220
French Press$20 – $150
Single-serve$65 – $200
Espresso$250 – $4000
Super Automatic Espresso$900 – $2220
Avg Price Range

Let’s look in more detail at why purchasing a more expensive coffee maker might be worthwhile.

An Improved Coffee Grinder

How well the beans are ground is one of the most crucial factors in producing coffee with great flavor. First, if you want your coffee to be as fresh as possible, you should grind your roasted beans only when you intend to use them.

This is typically only feasible at home if you have a bean-to-cup coffee maker when it comes to coffee makers. These machines are typically the most expensive ones that are readily available for use at home, in part because of the cost of the integrated coffee grinders.

However, since coffee grinders can vary in quality, owning one is insufficient. A better bean grinder can significantly improve the flavor of your coffee, so in this regard, a more expensive machine with a better bean grinder might be justified.

As they grind the beans rather than chop them up, burr bean grinders are typically considered superior to blade grinders.

Indeed, the US National Coffee Association claims that burr grinders provide the best experience because they evenly grind coffee.

Better Control Of Temperature

The temperature of the water you brew your coffee plays a significant role in the flavor you get from it. If it gets too hot, the ground beans may burn, giving your coffee a bitter taste.

On the other hand, if it’s hot enough, the beans will be brewed appropriately, which could result in the coffee lacking enough flavor. The US National Coffee Association states that 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature range for brewing coffee (90.5 to 96.1 degrees Celsius).

You are likely to benefit from this with more expensive models because, in general, the better the temperature control mechanisms are, the more expensive coffee machines are.

coffee makers
The temperature of the water you brew your coffee plays a significant role in the flavor

Usually, Faster To Operate

When brewing coffee at home, time is crucial for many people, especially if they do so frequently. Coffee makers’ heating systems are typically another feature that gets better with more expensive models because they can offer quicker heating times.

For instance, some Sage (or Breville in other parts of the world) Barista range machines at the near very top end of the market can reach brewing temperature in just 3 seconds.

Most of the time, the machine will need to switch from one function to another after the other, causing a delay between the time the espresso is brewed and served and the time it is warm, frothed milk, for example.

However, some units have dual boilers capable of heating the milk while brewing the coffee. These units tend to be quite expensive. Units with heat exchange boilers are an additional choice that can quickly heat milk and water by switching between the desired temperatures.

Built-in Milk Frother

Getting the milk for your latte or cappuccino exactly how you want it can significantly improve your coffee-making experience. However, milk frothing can be challenging to master, which is why many buyers of coffee makers opt for automatic milk frothers.

Milk frothers are typically offered as steam wands that can be operated manually or automatically. Some automatic milk frothers are integrated into the machine, meaning you only need to press a button or two to get your desired milk-based drink provided.

Generally speaking, the likelihood that you will receive an automatic or integrated milk frother increases with the machine price.

More Individualization

For many people, getting a machine with a high degree of personalization is one of the main draws of investing in a more expensive coffee maker. This usually takes the form of a device that enables you to design unique drink options and save them for later use.

Some machines allow you to make various customized drinks and give them whatever names you like. This feature is helpful if you have favorite coffee settings and don’t want to hassle you with entering the data each time you use the machine.

How To Choose A Coffee Maker?

Coffee machine in process
burr grinders provide the best experience because they evenly grind coffee.

Espresso and coffee makers can be purchased separately or as a two-in-one unit. A hybrid machine might make more sense if the kitchen counters in your home are already quite crowded. Although separate devices will be better able to create each drink, a hybrid engine might help you save a little bit of money and space.

If everyone in your family only drinks one type of beverage, choose a single machine that only produces that beverage.

Avoid using a pod and electric drip machines entirely if your family enjoys authentic Italian coffee drinks like espressos, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. Instead, look into more adaptable coffee bar-style devices.

The quantity of coffee that each member of your household typically consumes is a crucial consideration. Instead of pod-style machines or single-cup brewers, a coffee maker with a large carafe is what you want if your home consumes a lot of coffee.

Suppose your household drinks coffee continuously throughout the day. In that case, a system with a thermal carafe might be advantageous because the coffee from electric drip machines can quickly burn if left on the burner all day.

Burner-equipped devices should work if only the morning cup of coffee is consumed in your household. A pod system or a single-cup brewer will be helpful for people who only need a quick cup of coffee.

Why Cheap Coffee Makers Are Not The Best

How To Find A Coffee Maker Without Spending A Fortune?

Check out coffee makers that suit your needs; even if you have to go over budget to get the one you want, it should still be a wise investment that you won’t regret over time.

The quality of the coffee you select will, more often than not, have a more significant influence on how good your brew is than the brewing device itself.

Even if you use a $5,000 coffee maker to brew a cheap bag of subpar coffee, the results will need to be more. On the other hand, even the best, freshest beans produce a delicious cup of coffee when used in a low-cost coffee maker.

The best method for selecting the ideal coffee maker is to decide on a type that meets your specific requirements, do some research, and determine which brands and models produce the best coffee makers in that type that are within your price range.

By doing this, finding a fantastic machine that suits your household needs and brews excellent coffee without exceeding your budget should be simple.

Final Thoughts

  • A lot depends on you as an individual and how much you value the essential features you typically get with more expensive coffee makers as to whether you want to spend that much.
  • There is a strong case for choosing more expensive coffee machines when considering their many advantages.
  • Still, ultimately, it depends on your budget and the needs you have for a coffee maker.
  • Is a pricey coffee maker worthwhile? In the end, it may be advantageous if you enjoy coffee.

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