Oat Milk In Coffee (A Worthwhile Read)

Oat milk is the near-perfect alternative to whole milk. It’s sweet and has a creamy texture, just like real dairy milk. It has garnered a handsome share of popularity for being the perfect choice for lattes and cappuccino.

With veganism taking over the world in recent years, meat food chains like Burger King and many others are trying to bring in meat alternatives. And that same rule applies to coffee, trying to accommodate vegan customers with plant-based milk alternatives.

So, is oat milk a good option?

Well, we’ll talk about oat milk in coffee and why it’s either a good or bad option for coffee.  

Here we go.

Is Oat Milk In Coffee Good?

Oat milk in coffee is good. Since it’s similar to dairy milk, it balances out the coffee, gives it sweetness, and can be used as froth too.

Coffee is a beverage that is consumed by many people. With every person having their own preferences, most people enjoy their morning chocker with dairy. Whether it’s milk or cream, people add dairy to their coffee as a way to tone down the bitterness of coffee.

But with people making different choices for food products and changing their sources of food, veganism is one such trend that has spread like wildfire. Veganism is a diet where no animal or animal by-products are consumed or used by humans like eggs, honey, meat, dairy, leather, etc. People either go on this route for health reasons, take a stand against animal cruelty, or simply because they want to.

The main point is that veganism is people’s way to say no to animal-based products.  So, then what about dairy in coffee?

One great alternative to dairy in coffee is oat milk. Oat milk is milk extracted from whole oat grains, and just like cow’s milk, it tastes sweet and is abundant in nutrients.  

The interaction of oat milk with coffee is similar to the interaction of cow’s milk with coffee. Adding oat milk to coffee will balance and sweeten some of the brighter flavors of complex, fruity coffee. Oat milk complements all coffee shop beverages because it’s similar to regular milk.

Therefore, oat milk is good in coffee.

Watch this video as it’s a fun recipe to try with oat milk which is very close to Starbucks.

sure watch it

Can Oat Milk Curdle In Coffee?

Oat milk can curdle in coffee. There are two reasons for that, one is the acidity level and the second is the hot temperature. But sure, it’s safe to drink even if the milk curdles.

Milk as a whole contains many things. It has proteins, fats, water, lactose, and much more. And when milk is freshly pumped out of a cow, it needs extra care due to the high levels of bacteria (good and bad) present in it. Therefore, it’s immediately pasteurized and then used for whatever is required. And cow’s milk curdles when acid is introduced into it. And the curds make for cheese.

So, what about oat milk?

Let’s discuss how oat milk is made first.

Well, in order to produce oat milk, oats are harvested and transported to a factory, where they are then stored in large sterile silos. The oats are mixed with water and then milled or blended down to create a thick liquid. As a result of enzyme addition to this slurry, the carbohydrates in the oats are broken down more quickly, naturally sweetening the product.

Once strained, the mixture can be considered oat milk since it is smooth, thick, and free of hard fibers. To make it more nutritionally valuable, it can be flavored and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Mild heat is then applied to the liquid to pasteurize it. In addition to ensuring the safety of the product, this will also extend its shelf life. After that, oat milk can be sterilized, packaged, and sent to customers.

Now that’s out of the way, what about the curdling of oat milk in coffee?

Oat milk can easily get curdled regardless of its freshness in any acidic coffee. As you know by now, coffee is highly acidic by nature. And that acidity is further transferred when coffee is brewed. Coffee’s naturally acidic level is also increased if it’s a lighter roast coffee bean. Medium to darker roasts tends to have less acid overall.

a cup of coffee

Another reason is the hot temperature. Since most of our lattes and cappuccinos are hot and served at nearly boiling temps, oat milk added at such high temperatures can lead to curdling.

So, when the barista serves you your coffee, let it cool down a bit before adding in the oat milk. Or, pour in the oat milk first in your mug and then slowly add in your fresh brew. This allows the milk to temper and not curdle. Lastly, no matter if your oat milk has been curdled or not, it is safe to drink.

Is Oat Milk Better For Coffee Than Almond Milk?

Oat milk is better for coffee than almond milk in my opinion. That is because it’s the closest to actual dairy with regards to sweetness and creaminess.

Almond milk and oat milk are both very famous dairy-free options for creamers for coffee. They are plant-based but are a bit different than each other. Yet, they still balance out the coffee in their own ways and have a wonderful texture.

But which one is better?

Let me break this down. For choosing the right fit for you, you need to know what to look for:

How Do They Taste?

Oat milk is very creamy and has a good amount of sweetness just like real cow’s milk. Whereas, almond milk has a nutty flavor that sometimes can overpower the flavor of the coffee.

That said, in terms of nutritional value, almond milk is much higher in content. Almond milk is also a lot lower in calories than oat milk, so if you’re on a diet, almond milk would be the better choice.

However, in contrast to coffee, by means of taste, oat milk is better.

Can They Froth Up?

a cup of coffee with frothed milk

Both dairy alternatives can be used for milk froth in coffee. Personally, for me, I’d say oat milk is better for frothing than almond milk, but this is because oat milk is easier to froth than almond milk.

Now, here I’ve made a table of the nutritional value of each of these for 1 cup so you can have a better glance at it.

ContentOat Milk Almond Milk
Fats1.5 g2.6 g
Carbohydrates14 mg173 mg
Protein4 g1.44 g
Calcium18 mg481 mg
Sodium 120 mg173 mg
Sugar1 g0 g
Fiber2 g0 g

In conclusion, oat milk is better for coffee when it comes to sweetness and mouthfeel. But if you’d like a nutty twist in your coffee with higher nutritional content, almond milk is best for that. It’s all up to your preference.

How Healthy Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a really healthy alternative to cow’s milk. It has vitamins that are good for digestion, skin, nails and can help reduce cholesterol levels in men.

Your health can surely benefit from drinking oat milk. It’s jam-packed with essential vitamins and a high level of protein. Plus, the high fiber and plant protein content of oat milk make it great for healthy digestion.

Most brands also add additional nutrients, such as vitamins A, B, and D, in their versions, making it a really great source of calcium and essential vitamins. Plus, plant-based foods are always good for your digestion as they are lighter and easy to digest. Thus, promoting good gut health overall.

a famous brand of oat milk's carton

Also, studies have shown that a deficiency in vitamin B12, which is found in oat milk, can put you at risk for acne and lead to dry, brittle nails. Besides being high in soluble fiber, oat milk also contains beta-glucans. The beta-glucans in oat milk, according to one study, reduce cholesterol levels by three percent among men who drink three cups a day for five weeks. Further studies revealed that soluble fiber was just as beneficial for supporting and enhancing good gut bacteria.

Therefore, oat milk is healthy for you.

That said, oat milk is high in calories, so it might not be the best choice for you if you are on a diet or are seeking to lose weight. Oat milk is also not good for you if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. While oat milk does not naturally contain gluten, it is processed along with products containing gluten.

This may cause cross-contamination between the products and oat milk might not be as gluten-free as you think.

But if you’d like to check out other plant-based milk, the options include:

  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Hemp milk
  • Rice milk
  • Cashew milk

In Conclusion

With veganism on the rise, people are avoiding animal products. And this has also made an impact on coffee.

With the world consuming coffee every single day, a good alternative to dairy is oat milk. It’s nice and creamy just like real milk and has a sweetness to it which balances out the coffee perfectly.

But some people can have their oat milk curdle in their coffee. This is normal and can happen due to acidity in coffee or its hot temperature.

Don’t worry though, cause even if your milk curdles it’s still safe for consumption. There are other plant-based options too like almond milk, but I feel that oat milk is best for coffee.


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