What is Matcha Latte? (A Worthwhile Read)

Matcha latte is a beverage that is loved by many made with green powder and milk, steamed milk to be exact. It tastes slightly bitter, but it could be a subjective thing. It has a vibrantly bright green color that is soothing to the eyes. Matcha lattes can be drunk iced and hot, it is an individual preference.

Matcha is a powder that is made out of a matcha plant that is in China. It is tea and it is distinctive among the other teas mainly because of its antioxidant qualities.

Both matcha and tea are made from the same plant, called Camellia Sinensis, but they are cultivated differently. Matcha powder isn’t used for lattes, people prefer it in smoothies, yogurt, baked goods, or just drink it with water. It has become wildly popular compared to other teas.

Most people all over the world prefer drinking matcha latte in the morning instead of coffee. It got famous in the US in 2015 when a known actress, Gwyneth Paltrow posted a picture of it on her Instagram. Now people have it at their homes and every Cafe offers it.

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What is a Matcha latte made of?

Matcha is basically a powdered tea, you can add it to anything you prefer. It goes with every food. People have their own ways of making Matcha tea, some like it as a latte which includes milk, and others like it with just water, nonetheless matcha is consumed by almost everyone.

A cup of matcha coffee

Matcha latte is quite easy to make, it needs merely 2 ingredients. Cafes sell matcha latte, though they are pretty expensive; therefore, I will teach you how you can make your own Matcha latte at home. You only need matcha powder and milk.

  • 1 tsp of matcha powder.
  • 2 tsp of sugar, if you prefer it.
  • 3 tsp of warm water.
  • 300ml milk, hot or cold, depends on how you like it.

In a cup, add the given amount of matcha and sugar and add warm water, after giving it a nice stir, then add the milk and you can also add ice if you want. There you go, in 5 minutes, your matcha latte is ready.

Are Matcha lattes good for you?

Matcha latte only contains milk and matcha powder. We all know, milk is crucial for our bodies to grow and matcha is packed with amazing and beneficial nutrients; therefore one cup of matcha latte once a day will help in maintaining a good balance.

Matcha is an organic tea that is derived from a plant. Centuries back, Samurai warriors used to drink matcha tea for the restoration of physical and mental health to fight battles. Buddhist monks drank matcha tea to be able to focus and to have long-lasting energy for their long periods of meditation.

A person walking

Matcha is consumed in the morning by most people because it helps them have a good amount of energy and a focused mind. Matcha has a moderate quantity of caffeine; therefore, the effect of your morning cup of matcha latte will sap by your night sleep. It is an amazing way of gaining energy and obtaining those healthy nutrients.

A table for all the nutrients that matcha contains, have a look at it.

Matcha Powder Nutrients per 100gAmount
Caffeine3.4 g
Amino Acids3400 mg
Vitamin B10.6 mg
Vitamin B21.35 mg
Vitamin C60 mg
Vitamin E28.1 mg
Potassium2700 mg
Calcium420 mg
Iron17 mg
Magnesium230 mg
Nutritional table of Matcha

Is there caffeine in Matcha latte?

Matcha latte does contain caffeine, although a balanced amount, unlike coffee. Matcha has about 34mg of caffeine. It gives you just the right amount of kick to start your day. Matcha is not only good for getting that much-needed energy boost in the morning, but it also has many health benefits, for instance, It contains EGCG which is believed to be a cancer-fighting substance. Even though it has caffeine, it has many other substances that could decrease the risk of life-threatening diseases.

Matcha latte is much better of a choice if you are sensitive to caffeine because it has fewer quantities of caffeine than coffee. It contains just the right quantity that is enough to wake you up and last till your night’s sleep.

What does Matcha latte taste like?

A matcha coffee

Matcha has a rich and complex taste. It has slightly grassy notes, a balanced taste of nuttiness with a savory bitterness that goes perfectly with its natural sweetness. People who like their coffee bitter will love matcha because matcha has the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness.

Matcha tea is believed to be distinct from other teas. It is also consumed differently than other tea. Matcha tea became much more popular compared to the others. It is consumed like coffee, people like it as a latte. Matcha latte is one of the most famous beverages that many Cafes offer. Some like it cold others like it hot.

Matcha latte has milk in it, and milk has its own sweetness; thereby matcha latte becomes the ideal beverage. Matcha lattes are mind-blowingly famous. Most people have their preconceived perceptions about matcha tea, that it tastes like grass; therefore they don’t even try it, but when they do, it supercedes coffee.

Is Matcha healthier than regular Coffee?

a matcha latte next to a regular cup of coffee

Coffee and Matcha are utterly different drinks, although coffee does have some of Matcha’s benefits. If there was a question, which is better? I personally think Matcha would be the answer.

That’s because Matcha latte combines the health benefits of coffee and the health benefits of Matcha tea. Matcha is also better for people who are caffeine sensitive.

If caffeine is ingested in a large quantity, it can damage your bones because it sucks out the calcium from your bones and leads to high risks of bone fractures, can irritate the bowel, and has the potential to inhibit iron absorption as well and cause an iron deficiency along with other health issues.


Matcha is another tea, which is made from a plant, that was first found in China. Matcha became famous in 2015 in the US when an actress posted a picture of it on social media; thereby making it a sensation. Matcha powder is used in many ways other than for teas. It can be used in baked goods, smoothies, and can be drunk as a latte.

Matcha latte is quite popular in the US, many Cafes have it on their menus. However, you can make it at home which will cost you much less compared to the Cafes. Matcha latte can be drunk hot or cold, it completely depends on the person’s preference.

Matcha has some grassy notes and a nutty taste. It is bitter but in a sweet way. The matcha powder has the softest texture that gives the tongue the perfect frothy feel. People who like their coffee without sugar will love matcha latte because it has a slight bitterness and at the same time has a natural sweetness to it.

Coffee and Matcha are quite the same because they both have the same effects and some shared benefits. Matcha contains much less caffeine than coffee but still gives relatively the same effects. It has a decent amount of caffeine that lasts for a decent period of time. Even if matcha is consumed too close to your bedtime, it doesn’t make you restless, unlike coffee.

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